Message from Our Executive Director

More than just a way to meet our day-to-day needs, work helps us define ourselves, build skills and change our community.

Abby Snay, Executive Director

Despite the Bay Area’s successes, inequality is increasing. Too many people are unemployed or underemployed. Good jobs at decent wages exist but people lack the skills and education to obtain them. Bridging the gulf between our struggling neighbors and our economy’s need for a strong workforce has never been more critical.

For more than 40 years and through five recessions, JVS has helped nearly 75,000 clients develop in-demand skills, make connections and get career-building jobs.

Along the way, we’ve embraced four tenets to guide our success:

1. Focus for greater impact.

We help people find jobs in stable industries with opportunities for long-term careers.

2. Be nimble. Seize opportunities.

We respond quickly to changes in the economy, public policy and technology that constantly reshape the job market.

3. Break the cycle of poverty.

We prepare disadvantaged youth for jobs that give them a chance to build better lives.

4. Work smarter.

For more than 40 years and through five recessions, JVS has kept an eye on efficiency and impact.

Our leadership in this field is based on these principles and with this strong foundation, we’re going deeper and wider with new industries, locations and services. The challenges are great, but not insurmountable. With the right training, the right connections and guidance, many more people will find work, worth and well-being.

Abby Snay
Executive Director

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