What We’re Reading

Take a look at what came up on our radar in these first two weeks of 2015:

Where Men Aren’t Working

Did you know that in San Francisco – 17% of prime aged men (ages 25-54) aren’t working? Nationwide that number averages 16% (more than 3x what it was in 1968), and is as high as 40% in some regions of the country. Check out these interactive maps (try typing in a specific city) for a closer look at nonemployment for prime aged men across the US. Read more.

Missing Workers and Labor Force Participation

This article looks below the surface of the US Department of Labor’s recent news that the national unemployment rate has fallen to 5.6% in January (the lowest rate since June 2008). From stagnant wage growth to the implications for people who are long-term unemployed, this research reflects trends that we’re seeing in our local economy and what we’re tackling at JVS. Read more.

How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays: Men vs. Women

This fascinating data from the American Time Use Survey shows how nonemployed Americans spend their days. Many JVS job seekers would add time spent in our technology center searching for work and time spent in 3-4 job search or computer skills workshops each week. Read more.

For a different take, check out how some of history’s most creative people spent their time.

What are your thoughts? Any standout takeaways? Let us know what job search or employment related articles you’re reading — and perhaps we’ll feature it in our next post!

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