John Muir Interns Work to Impress

We always love when JVS interns knock it out of the park!
Here’s a letter from Brian F. Ronquillo, Training Coordinator at John Muir Health, recognizing JVS interns for their incredible work over the past four months.

Dear JVS Program Graduates,

First and foremost, I want to congratulate you all on completing the JVS Medical Administrative Assistant internship with John Muir Health. I know you all worked tremendously hard to get to this milestone and I wanted to recognize you on this accomplishment.

As some of you may know, interning has a special place in my heart because I participated in internships in the past and those experiences have helped shape my career path. The beauty of interning beyond just the relevant work experience is that it gives you an opportunity to explore your opportunities, sparks self-confidence in your own abilities, and at times helps bring to surface other passions that you may have. I truly hope your experience here with John Muir Health and more specifically with Patient Access Services has been an enlightening one. I just wanted share with you some of the positive contributions the JVS Team have made.

1. During a time of need and unpredicted staffing issues, the JVS interns stepped in to pre-register upcoming scheduled appointments to maintain productivity and efficiency for the division.

2. Three of the interns were assigned to assist Patient Access Pre-Service. Their assistance helped boost the department progress by 2 days. This is the highest it has been since the implementation of Epic.

3. The interns have tested and developed a protocol to audit registrations. This protocol will help shape how future audits will be conducted for Patient Access areas.

4. The assigned hospital interns did a tremendous job supporting operations. I only heard amazing things.

All your efforts are deeply appreciated. In closing, I’ve attached a portfolio which displays the journey we have taken through this experience. Please use this document to remind you of your efforts and capable skills you all have. Good luck to all of you.



We’re extremely proud of the 19 interns who completed 10 weeks of classroom training + a four month internship at John Muir Health earlier this month!

Here’s some photos that capture the energy filled graduation ceremony:

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