JVS Youth in the Birdhouse

JVS youth visited the Birdhouse to get first-hand #careeradvice from Twitter employees.

From the beaks of Twitter’s brightest:

  • Don’t take “no” for an answer #persistencepays
  • Work/life balance is important #boundaries
  • Be Genuine. Be you. #NoOneButYou
  • Working full-time can be a struggle. Do everything you can, until you can start to delegate. #movingup
  • I thought I was going to be a basketball player, until I blew out my knee sophomore year of college #haveabackup

“Their backgrounds surprised me,” said Pepito, a JVS youth participant. The employees’ credits included working at BET, Nike and interning in Washington D.C.


Until this visit, many of our youth never dreamed of working at these kinds of places. The panelists helped to broaden their vision of what’s possible.


“I learned how to create a career.” – Pepito

Youth In Birdhouse3

JVS youth left with great swag, and valuable advice:

  • Hard work leads to success. Be aggressive and keep calling and looking for opportunities. #worthit
  • Everyone makes mistakes; you just have to know how to handle it. #handle it
  • There are no straight paths to success #ChallengeAccepted
  • These people worked hard; one of them talked about how they would drive an hour just to have coffee with someone. #noexcuses

Special thanks to our friends at Twitter for welcoming our youth and giving them a peek into life in the Birdhouse!


Kayla Glanville, Account Coordinator – Retail and Commerce

Andrew Hatch, Sales Operation Manager

Shavone Charles, Global Music and Culture Communications @Shavone

Sarah Mills-Krutilek, Lead Recruiter, Global Sales and Revenue @WomynAboutTown

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