Rosanna, UCSF

by | May 1, 2015 | Award Winners, Success Stories

“I never thought it would be difficult to find another job. I was relieved to find JVS and others like me. We learned to face our challenges together.” – Rosanna

With 20+ years of work experience, Rosanna never expected to be on the brink of homelessness. In 2007 she left a management position to care for her ailing mother and complete her doctoral degree. Then, the economy crashed – leaving Rosanna unexpectedly jobless or underemployed for over five years through the Great Recession. At one point, she had to give up her apartment, put her possessions in storage, and “sofa surf” for over seven months. She found her newly earned doctoral degree – and age – to be a deterrent to employers.

Rosanna is just one of thousands of highly skilled people who are “long-term unemployed” due to their lack of recent work experience. Some of these people never recovered from the Great Recession and are quickly falling out of the middle class. Rosanna received intensive job search support and learned to rebrand herself to employers. Today, she is the Division Manager at UCSF’s Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Center, one of the biggest employers in San Francisco, where she is building her career – and her retirement funds – once again.

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