A Job Well-Done – JVS Youth Speech

Some lessons are straight-forward and tangible, and others are more difficult to instill – like knowing the value of a job well-done.

Rae proudly delivered the following speech at the completion of his high school summer internship last year. The feelings of accomplishment, pride and teamwork that he felt on his internship will drive his work ethic in both work and school for years to come — attractive qualities to any employer!


Good afternoon, everyone! I would like to speak to you about my summer job experience at the Bay Area Video Coalition. First of all, the Bay Area Video Coalition is a major hub for broadcasted media throughout the Bay Area. People go there to take classes about making movies, working with social media, or they go there to run the public broadcasting channel, among many other things.

However, my task there was much different than the other jobs people worked. I was assigned to the financial office. There, my help was needed to make all of their paperwork physically ready to be scanned and processed into digital files. To do that, I removed staples, grouped together paper with paper clips, and made copies of check stubs and receipts for what may have been hundreds of papers!

To anyone else, this might sounds like an arduous and even tedious task to do from day to day. But despite all of that, I had absolutely no problems with my job.

For me, it was all a simple matter of doing my job as best as I can, so that those who work with the papers afterwards can rest easy, knowing the hard part had been done for them.

 I went into work every day with a sense of personal pride and accomplishment, because I knew from the first day that it was an important responsibility to attend to. And I left my workplace every day feeling proud to have been able to do a job well done.

My experience at the BAVC financial office has taught me to be committed to working efficiently. To do that, I must be patient. And to do that, I must value my place in the overall team. I was aware the whole time that even a duty as modest as removing staples can have a very big impact for my co-workers.

I thank everyone for the opportunities they have given me, and I wish my co-workers good luck for the future.

I am glad to have been of service to you. Thank you.

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