7 Job Search MythBusters Revealed

Mythbuster #1: I don’t need social media. That’s just for fun – cat videos and kid photos.

Get online and show what you know. Update your LinkedIn profile and go further by publishing an article. Follow your target companies on Twitter and learn what’s important to them.

Mythbuster #2: There’s no point in talking to people unless they have an opening.

Get in ahead of an opening by requesting an informational interview – one of the most underutilized tools in a job seeker’s tool box. Talk to a variety of people (not just hiring managers.)

Mythbuster #3: The best way to use my time is applying for jobs.

Vary your day with a healthy mix of informational interviews, research, applying for jobs and practicing skills that build your competitive edge. Get started with JVS’s Job Search Planning workshop.

Mythbuster #4: Cover letters are dead.

It depends. Some companies are more focused on qualifications. Others want to screen their candidates for writing ability and true interest in their company – not just any company!

Mythbuster #5: If I tell people my experience and background, they’ll know where I would best fit.

Your life story can be overwhelming to someone who is trying to help you. Give the focused version that is tailored to a company’s interests and needs.

Mythbuster #6: I don’t need to target an industry. I just need to focus on the job title I want.

Focus on an industry to become an expert in your field. It’s efficient and effective.

Mythbuster #7: No one’s hiring people over age 55 in the Bay Area.

Without doubt, job hunting gets harder as you get older. That said, 20% of our successful job seekers last year were over 55. Demonstrate your value to an employer and get hired!

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