How old is your attitude?

Our JVS job seekers are insightful, curious, powerful individuals. They help and inspire each other every day at JVS. We facilitate an environment that is both innovative and aspirational; this is where transformation happens.

In line with our coverage of age discrimination against female job seekers, we present advice from one of our courageous, successful 50+ former clients.

Sound advice from our former client:

Think about how your “age attitude” is reflected in how you talk, look and what you focus on in life. Here are some of the things I learned at JVS:

  • Age does show on the outside, but it is the inside attitude that connects or repels people. Are you experienced and helpful or are you experienced and trying to prove yourself?
  • Are you still growing? Are you learning new things and up to date on the latest trends in your industry? Being open and interested in learning is huge and very appealing to employers and everyone else.
  • How do you look? Are you still wearing the same styles from 10 years ago? Even Goodwill has stylish clothes if you look for them. Look for sales and ask a younger person to go shopping with you. You don’t want to look like you are trying to be 16, but you don’t want to look like someone’s Granny/Grandpa either.
  • How is your hair? A good haircut will take years off your age. And, a department store make-over helps, too, if you are into it.
  • Are you happy? If you are down, this shows. If you think you are old and have nothing to offer, this shows. If you are interested in life and open to new things, this shows.
  • Are you afraid of younger people? If you find yourself saying negative things about some trends in the world, this may be because you don’t understand and have become defensive. Try seeking someone out who can explain things to you and who you feel comfortable asking questions. Get curious instead of defensive.
  • It is not so much what you did in the past, but what you learned in the past that can help your employer now.

JVS played a big part in helping me move out of my old attitude about my age and into a new attitude about life. THANK YOU!

With deep gratitude,
Laura (proud former JVS job seeker)

Are you a courageous job seeker with advice to share? Tell us in the comments or email [email protected].

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