What We’re Reading

What’s on your fall reading list? Here’s a bit of what we’ve been reading in the world of work:

On Age Discrimination

We weren’t shocked to read The New York Time’s piece about how job searching gets more difficult with age. Age discrimination is real, and we work with thousands of job seekers each year to combat it. In fact, of all JVS job seekers who found work last year, 50% were over age 40. Still, we all need to advocate for age diversity in our workplaces. Would your company pass the “shoe test”?

An Eye on Inequality

We’re deeply concerned with the Bay Area’s growing income inequality. These new census figures take into account California’s high cost of housing in the Supplemental Poverty Measure, which lists California as having the highest poverty rate in the nation. The Economist discusses how the poor are especially affected by financial penalties and price discrimination – all which contribute to inequality that is much greater than income inequality.

What’s Working

For 40+ years, JVS has strategically brought together government, philanthropy and job training to move people from poverty to self-sufficiency. Our EXCEL program, which trains people for administrative positions within UCSF, is a prime example of the intensive efforts needed to help people find jobs and transform their lives. The Atlantic’s Article describes the dangerous outcomes of programs that do not have the proper structures in place. The effect on our nation’s working poor are disastrous.

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