Luisanna, John Muir Health

by | May 10, 2017 | Award Winners

Luisanna had a difficult childhood – she never knew her father and spent most of her youth dealing with her mentally ill mother. Despite these obstacles, she graduated high school and found a job as an administrative assistant, where she worked for six years. Suddenly she was laid off and lost her hard-earned stability. She searched for work for two years, was left discouraged, hopeless and lost. Luisanna needed relevant skills and a connection to an employer that would give her a chance. JVS’s Medical Administrative Assistant training program in partnership with John Muir Health was her answer. After months of intensive skills training and a paid internship, her dream came true — she was offered a full-time position as a Medical Receptionist at John Muir Health Urgent Care clinic in San Ramon. Luisanna now has a satisfying career where she makes a difference in lives of every clinic patient she helps.

“JVS helped me get to where I am now – I love it! I love knowing that I’m walking into John Muir Health and I’m going to help somebody.” – Luisanna

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