3 Ways to Find Community in Your Job Search

Job search can be a lonely, discouraging process. Particularly when you’re lacking results, it’s easy to feel unmotivated and maybe depressed. You may feel like you’re doing all the right things – networking, submitting your resume, attending job fairs – however, you aren’t getting any callbacks. You are not alone!

At times like this, connecting with other job seekers in a similar situation can help you get back on track emotionally and into a more productive job search. Here are some tips on how you can find community for your job search by starting or joining a support group.

1. Find or start a resilience circle.

Resilience circles are small groups where people come together to increase their personal security through learning, mutual aid, social action and community support. For job seekers, it’s a place to share stories, talk about frustrations and learn from one another. You can remain connected and engaged in your community while receiving emotional support and encouragement.

In this video, Elizabeth White, author of 55, Unemployed & Faking Normal, shares how resilience circles serve as a place to “let everything go” so you can go to your next interview feeling confident:

2. Attend a job search strategy group.

Get out of the house and away from your computer by finding a nearby job search group. You’ll quickly discover that you’re not the only person who has questions, from how to use LinkedIn to how to answer the Tell Me About Yourself interview question. Here are a few to consider:

The Job Forum

Join other job seekers every Wednesday evening to benefit from group discussion, as well as advice on job search challenges from local managers at companies like Facebook, UCSF, Visa, Salesforce, LinkedIn and more.

LGBT Job Club and Trans Networking Club

Connect with fellow job seekers to receive support, insights and resources at the Center’s weekly drop-in LGBT Job Club and Trans Networking Club. The Center offers these clubs in a welcoming environment for job seekers to share their experiences and learn valuable information.

50+ Job Search Strategy Group

Strategize in a safe environment with other 50+ job seekers. This informal group is facilitated by JVS staff and will include topics such as addressing age discrimination in the hiring process, highlighting your work experience effectively and transitioning to a new career.

Experience Unlimited San Francisco (EUSF)

EUSF offers job search support based on teamwork, collaboration and inspiration that helps job seekers set the ideal career path. They organize weekly meetings for practical, peer-to-peer support from other professional job seekers and share notices of outside professional networking events, educational opportunities and job fairs.

3. Join the Job Search Accelerator community.

Job Search Accelerator (JSA) is a monthly cohort-based program that is open to job seekers from all industries, functions and levels. Connect with other Bay Area job seekers and build your job search skills all in one program. The programs kicks off with 36 hours of in-person job search classroom training, followed by weekly group meetings and opportunities to meet with a career advisor.

Enrollment is open and ongoing. Learn more about the JSA program today!

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