Job Search Terms & Conditions

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The following ensures that JVS remains a professional business office that is a productive and safe environment for both clients and staff. This information is intended to provide an overview of expected behavior at JVS, or JVS sponsored events. It also serves as a useful resource that helps all clients and staff feel productive and safe.

We expect that JVS clients and JVS team members adhere to the following behaviors:

  1. Attendance: Be on time for scheduled appointments and/or classes. Clients should notify staff as soon as possible if an emergency will affect attendance.
  2. Harassment, discrimination or bullying: Engage in behavior that supports an inclusive and diverse work environment. Do not engage in behavior that could be interpreted as harassment, discrimination, or bullying against another person for any reason, including race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, ethnicity or religion.
  3. Profanity/Obscenity: Use language and gestures that promote a productive and safe environment. Do not use language, gestures, or conduct that is vulgar, profane, obscene or abusive, and possession of/viewing offensive materials.
  4. Violence: Do not assault or threaten any client, staff, or visitor.
  5. Participation: Participate fully in JVS services, including feedback/surveys, and maintain contact with JVS staff. Clients must agree to inform JVS staff of any changes in employment status that may affect your job search, including getting a job.
  6. Disruption: Act in compliance with the directions of JVS staff who are acting in performance of their duties, including not interrupting or interfering with the orderly conduct of JVS activities.
  7. Attire/Grooming: Wear attire and display grooming that encourages learning and that promotes safety, health, and acceptable standards of social conduct in the workplace.
  8. Scent Sensitivity: Limit the use of scented products, including perfumes. Exposure to scented products can trigger serious health reactions in individuals with asthma, allergies, migraines, or chemical sensitivities.
  9. Food/Beverages: Eat and drink in authorized areas of the agency. Do not eat or drink in the Computer Lab, Technology Center, and when using a JVS laptop.
  10. Facility, equipment, and resources: Do not enter or utilize JVS facilities, supplies, equipment, including computers without authorization.
  11. Property: Respect JVS property. Do not deface, damage, or steal property belonging to JVS or any other person.
  12. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.
  13. Alcohol and drugs: Do not use, sell, distribute, or possess alcohol or drugs or attend JVS services while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Should staff suspect at any time that the client is abusing alcohol or other substances, staff will discuss options with clients including referral to treatment services, conferences with staff from referring agencies, and/or suspension of JVS activities as indicated below.
  14. Weapons/Explosives/Fireworks: Do not possess, distribute, handle, or use a weapon or any object, including explosives and fireworks.

In the case of suspensions or a dismissal from services, you must meet with the Client Services Director and/or their designee to determine if reinstatement of JVS services is appropriate.

To learn more about JVS’s Terms & Conditions, please read our Client Handbook.

JVS workshops are funded in part by the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD). By agreeing to these terms, you are granting JVS permission to share your workshop registration information with OEWD. This information will be used for statistical purposes only.