Peter, Dayspring Technologies

“For many tech companies, hiring [older] workers is not on their diversity radar. JVS, in a very polite, but very persistent way, puts older, well-prepared candidates right in front of these companies so that they can’t be ignored or dismissed.” – Peter, Dayspring Technologies, graduate of JVS’s Salesforce Administrator program

Once a top computer programmer, Peter never expected to find himself and his wife homeless and without work. With the help of JVS’s Salesforce Administrator program, he was able to update his job skills, envision a new career path, and rebuild his life as a consultant at Dayspring Technologies.

Kaiser Permanente, Medical Assistant Training Partner

“Once people started working for us, they often transferred to one of our facilities in an area with lower housing costs. JVS produced a customized program that delivered top candidates who were already committed to working in San Francisco. We are thrilled to hire people from our local community.” -Guy Chicoine, Medical Group Administrator at The Permanente Medical Group in San Francisco

Kaiser Permanente was one of JVS’s first partners to replicate and expand JVS’s refresher training for certified Medical Assistants. The company has gone above and beyond to give JVS candidates the training, experience and connections needed to secure positions at Kaiser Permanente.

Carlos, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

“JVS and my teacher at John O’Connell High School ignited a passion I never knew I had. With this job, and this career, I can make good money, and live in the Bay Area. I’m excited to be a role model for more people, like me, in the water and wastewater trades.” — Carlos, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

JVS helped Carlos pursue a journey from high school into a promising career in the water and wastewater trades. JVS connected him with Los Medanos Community College, a 3-year paid internship at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), and ensured he would meet the requirements he needed to apply for a position at the SFPUC after graduation. Nothing lights him up like getting paid to apply his education to a job he loves.

Erica, UCSF

“This award means the world to me. I worked really hard for myself, and for my brother and for my sister, to get where I am today. I’m right here, where I want to be – in a career at UCSF.” — Erica, UCSF, 2018 Strictly Business Awards Luncheon

Erica is a natural, talented caregiver. She even took guardianship of her two siblings, so that they wouldn’t endure the same foster care upbringing she had. Particularly with this new responsibility, she needed substantial work. She had always dreamed of working at UCSF, but it wasn’t until she found JVS’s training program for Medical Administrative Assistants at UCSF that she truly found her calling. After the program and paid internship, Erica accepted a position as a Practice Coordinator at UCSF.

Rosalind, SFRAW

For Rosalind school had always been a challenge and she felt like an outsider. As a child of immigrants, English was not her first language and she struggled with reading and writing, which led to low confidence. She dreamed of being able to contribute to her family and having a career but could not imagine who would give her a job.

At John O’Connel High School, she connected to JVS’s School Partner Program and enrolled in our Culinary and Entrepreneurship Program which combined job readiness training, classroom education and work-based learning. JVS placed Rosalind in internships at multiple Bay Area companies, including Zynga’s culinary department, Catheads BBQ Restaurant, SF Raw and the San Francisco SPCA. With the support and guidance of JVS, Rosalind identified her passion for animals and food and figured out a way to combine the two into a career. Today she works at SF Raw making organic food for cats and dogs and is enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at City College.

“Working at SFRAW has been great. I’m more confident now and I’m comfortable talking to customers. I realized what I want to do with my life.” – Rosalind

Skills to Work in Healthcare – Yasmeen’s Story

At JVS we believe the best way out of poverty, is a job.

Despite the remarkable growth of the tech industry, inequality is increasing in the Bay Area faster than in any other part of the country. Good jobs at living wages exist, but thousands of people remain unemployed or underemployed because they lack the skills employers seek, and can’t afford additional training. JVS is bridging this gap by helping people like Yasmeen build in-demand skills, get career-building jobs, and provide better lives for themselves and their families.