Job Search Accelerator

Learn the latest job search tactics in our successful, industry-standard, and data-driven 2-week free and online job search training program. JSA is for tech-bound professionals who want to work as IT Help Desk, Admin Assistant, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst, Program Manager, Product Manager, Salesforce Admin, Recruiter/Sourcer, Software Engineer, Project Manager/Coordinator, or Sales Development Representative. We offer job placement support for one year.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • High school diploma or equivalent degree 
  • 18+ years-old
  • California Resident
  • Proof of valid authorization to work in the United States 
  • Experience using and access to office software
  • Able to navigate and engage in 4-5 hours of online learning (ZOOM and Google Classroom) Monday through Friday
  • Must have a target job
  • Committed to attending all classes and completing all program milestones 
  • Desire to work in job that uses technology 
  • Access to a computer with a webcam and able to keep it on during class
  • Stable internet to participate in video conferences
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Application Process: 

  • Applications are reviewed within a week of being submitted 
  • Staff will email (review your SPAM folder) you with a link to set-up a phone screening


You’ll gain: 

  • Research: decoding the job description 
  • Marketing materials: résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn, and elevator pitch 
  • Application: adapting your résumé to fit the job description, and understanding the application tracking system 
  • Interviewing: developing STAR stories and interviewing practice with corporate partners 
  • Networking: creating and using your social and professional network 


Support Services: 


  • Clothing, dependent care, food and groceries, health, housing, utilities, phone, and technology equipment


  • Weekly job search workshops
  • One monthly career advising session for six months 
  • Support to help you work in the tech industry
  • Community SLACK workspace
  • Access to corporate events and mock interviews

What Job Seekers Are Saying:



“The Job Search Accelerator team understands the latest hiring trends and labor demands, and I’m amazed at how effective their training is. I was offered a full time position shortly after completing the program that’s on my career track despite my long period of being out of work. I know I couldn’t have done it without JVS.”

-Amy, Budget Analyst, East Bay Municipal Utility District

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Applications for Job Search Accelerator are open.

Our Team

Amy Zhao

Amy Zhao

JSA Coordinator

Amy provides support as the JSA Program Coordinator, working with the JSA team in supporting clients journey through the program, from start to finish. Amy is a native San Franciscan and has worked in the nonprofit community since 2019. She has a passion in helping others discover and pursue their career goals.

David Robins

David Robins

Senior Instructor

David has been a trainer and facilitator at JVS for 12 years and is a Career Advisor to JSA graduates. He has been a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), working in global companies, small consulting firms, nonprofits and government, honing his craft for 30+ years. He also teaches LinkedIn for Job Search and 50+ Job Search Strategies for the SF Public Library.

Ricardo Bonilla

Ricardo Bonilla

JSA Manager

Ricardo loves to be a part of the transformational journey of under-served communities; he’s done this for over 20 years through direct service and leadership roles. He enjoys working with diverse teams and leads with emotional intelligence and a growth mindset while focusing on diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in the workplace. As the JSA Program Manager, Ricardo leads a small and mighty team of creative, empathetic, passionate, and talented minds. Together, they help over 100 clients get back to work each year.

While JVS believes this is a program that can benefit many people who find themselves in a career transition or needing support and accountability in their job search, we must prioritize this offering to low income and other vulnerable populations based on need and the priorities of our funders. We can and will offer referrals to other no- to low-cost career resources offered in the Bay Area if we are unable to offer you acceptance into the Job Search Accelerator program at this time. 
JVS receives funding from government subsidies to provide this training to you at no cost. Hence, we are required to request certain types of information from you, including but not limited to your current employment status, city of residence, and household income. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to having the opportunity to support you. 

Program Schedule

Orientation: December 2, 2022
Program Dates: December 5 – December 16, 2022
Application Closes: November 14, 2022


  • AM Session: 9AM – 12PM
  • PM Session: 3:30PM – 4:30PM