Dental Assistant Training Program FAQ

Classroom Training


Where is the in-person classroom training? Is there parking nearby?

The in-person training takes place at 6557 Shattuck Ave, Oakland. There is some street parking around the neighborhood, but it is limited. Ashby BART is close and a couple bus lines run right by the location. Please plan your commute route ahead of time, you can use Google Maps or Routesy to help calculate how much time you need to travel to ensure you arrive on time.


Do I need to attend every class? What should I do if I’m running late or will miss class?

Because this is an accelerated training, attendance is very important and you are expected to attend each class.

  • Students are permitted three excused absences during the duration of the 10-week training. A 5-minutes late arrival is considered tardy. If tardy three times, that equals one absence.
  • Students are required to notify instructor and program coordinator no later than 1 hour before class begins if they have an attendance issue and will be late or cannot attend a class.
  • If the absence has not been discussed with program staff, it will count as an unexcused absence.
  • Unexcused absences are not permitted. If a participant exceeds the allowed number of excused absences or has an unexcused absence, the DARHP team may dismiss the participant from the program.

If you miss class, you are expected to follow up with the instructor, ask what you missed, and how you should make up the missed class (do not wait for the instructor to approach you about the missed class).


I have a question or concern about the program, the classroom assignments, the schedule or anything else, who should I contact?

If you have any questions about anything related to the program or your participation, please contact the JVS Program Coordinator, their contact info is on the syllabus. You can also use the Google Classroom stream to post your question. Or, you may find an answer to your question in: the Program Syllabus or Program Calendar (available in Google Classroom under Classwork – Welcome!), emails from Program Staff (check your inbox), or here in the FAQ’s! Make sure to carefully review all of the program materials and communication from program staff.  


Will we receive print outs of the material?

JVS does not provide printed material during the program. Students are responsible for printing out the Infection Control and Radiation Safety answer sheets (see #7). You are welcome to print out any of the materials on your own.


Why does the program training include Emotional Intelligence and soft skills?

We have heard from employers repeatedly that they can teach new employees hard skills (technical skills) but that they will not teach soft skills (interpersonal & communication skills). Because we know this is your ticket to get hired, keep a job, and grow in your profession we want to highlight these skills and their importance in your career pathway!  As you immerse in classroom study, put skills into practice during externship and embark in your job search, you will see how valuable emotional intelligence and soft skills are on your journey.


Why does JVS ask for my bank information?

JVS offers participants in our programs paid work-based learning experiences (externships). We use your bank information to make direct deposits of these payments into your account. The information you provide is private and confidential. JVS cannot issue checks for externships.




How long is the externship? What are the hours?

The externship period is 5-weeks. Student’s may extern for up to 32 hours per week. Depending on the office schedule, some students may extern for less than 32 hours per week, which is fine. The goal is to get as much experience as possible in a clinic and then use that experience to get hired!

Dental offices are usually open Monday- Fridays, some offer weekend shifts. Shifts are usually 8am-5pm but it can defer depending on the dental office. Externs may not work more than 8 hours a day.  JVS does not pay over time.       


Do I need to find my own externship site?

No. JVS will find you an externship site. We do our best to locate externship sites that are near your residence to help limit commute times.  JVS matches students to dental offices that agree with the expectations of the program. 

Students would only be responsible for finding their own site only if:

  1. A student declines to extern at the office JVS matches them with;
  2. A student does not show up for the externship JVS matches them with;
  3. A student moves out of the Bay Area


Who arranges my schedule for the externship?

You and the dental office arrange the externship schedule.  JVS will make an introduction between you and dentist, and then it is up to you to follow up and coordinate with the office the best time to discuss the details of the externship.


After Program Completion


Will JVS help me find a job after the program?

Yes! JVS will work with you on revising your resume and refining your interview skills. We will work together with you on your job search and provide accountability and encouragement while you are looking for the right dental office for you!


Why do I need to share my job placement information with JVS?

Because we want to celebrate with you! J Also, JVS is able to make our programming free thanks to our funders that support us in helping people get the training they need to get into careers.  Part of our requirement for getting this funding is to show to our funders that participants in our programs are successfully getting jobs! We will only use your placement verification information (ie. a job offer or pay stub) for our internal tracking and reporting to funders.


How frequently will the Program Coordinator contact me after I get a job?

After you have successfully gotten a job, you will be contacted by your JVS Program Coordinator over the next year just to check in and see how things are going and ask if you need any support with anything related to work. We’ll be checking in with you:

  1. After 90 days from your start date just to confirm things are going okay!
  2. Within 3 months after the ‘A’ check in, to confirm you are still at your job (we’ll ask for another verification, like a pay stub)
  3. 3 months after the ‘B’ check in, again just to say hello and see if things are going alright
  4. 3 months after the ‘C’ check in, as a final check in

If at any point in the year following your program you would like to find another job or update your resume, JVS can help with that!


Have Questions?

Contact the Dental Training team at [email protected]