Host a Dental Assistant Extern and Strengthen Your Hiring Pipeline

Trouble hiring talent for your dental office? We can help! Tap into JVS’s talent pipeline to find local, qualified Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Assistants that live within a 10-mile radius of your dentist office.


JVS partners with clinical training partners (CDA, Dental Perfections, and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Association) to collaboratively implement an accelerated 5-week Dental Assistant training that combines online training with in-person skill-building in a mock dental office.  


JVS Extern Candidates Have Completed:

  • 82 hours of hands-on training from an RDAEF2 with 20+ years of experience in the dental field
  • 20 hours of CDA’s online modules from the book Modern Dental Assisting
  • 15 hours of JVS’s Emotional Intelligence Suite – a soft skills training with a focus on intra- and inter-personal skills, and contextualized to a dental office setting
  • Infection Control Certificate, issued by the Expanded Functions Dental Assistants Association
  • Radiation Safety Certification, issued by the Expanded Functions Dental Assistants Association
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers, American Heart Association
  • Classroom Completion Certificate, issued by Dental Perfections
  • Program Completion Certificate, issued by JVS


Benefits of Hosting an Extern:

  • Access to Dental Assistants that live near your office and from the communities your office serves
  • Our externships are proven pipelines for staffing and retention
  • JVS staff supports with onboarding and supportive services throughout the externship
  • JVS covers extern insurance liability and worker’s compensation
  • JVS pays for students’ tuition as well as other training-related costs and subsidizes externship wages and other costs
  • JVS supports Dental Assistants with further training to obtain Registered Dental Assistant certification


Eligibility to Partner with JVS:

  • Dental office is located in SF, Alameda, Contra Costa counties 
  • Offices have the bandwidth to host an extern for 5 weeks, offer close to 32 hours a week, provide mentorship for an extern
  • Foster a collaborative, supportive working environment for JVS externs 
  • Commit to a financial contribution that goes 100% towards student wages while in externship
  • Contribute $12.50 per working hour for student, for a maximum of $2,000 or 160 hours
    • JVS will subsidize the wages such that students make $16.99 per hour and will receive liability insurance, workers comp, and payroll processing. Offices will be invoiced at $12.50 per hour worked at the end of the externship period.
  • Read  Employer Role Overview Document


Frequently Asked Employer Questions: View here

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