Five Ways to Use Your Age as an Asset in Your Job Search

Learn how to make your wisdom and years of experience an asset for an employer. This includes valuing your age and experience, upgrading your skills, networking across all platforms and more.


At JVS, we don’t pretend that discrimination does not exist. Instead, we encourage you to recognize the stereotypes and then make a plan to overcome them through a powerful presentation of yourself.

How old is your attitude?

Our JVS job seekers are insightful, curious, powerful individuals. They help and inspire each other every day at JVS. We facilitate an environment that is both innovative and aspirational; this is where transformation happens. In line with our coverage of age...

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Thwart Off Those “Old” Stereotypes

Here you are. Your dream job. This one will bounce you back. Twenty years of executive admin experience. A rockin’ LinkedIn profile. Fabulous dress. And your friend in accounting forwarded your resume. You strike the power pose because, you know, you got this. But,...

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Digging Deeper: Age Discrimination for Women

If you can remember gas rationing, or seeing the original Star Wars six times in the summer of ‘77, chances are good you’re “of a certain age.” If you’re also a woman currently looking for a job, economists say there’s a pretty good chance you’re experiencing hiring...

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