Career Coaching

Career Coaching through JVS can help clarify your career goals, plan a career transition or resolve issues that interfere with your career satisfaction and growth. For a subsidized fee of $120, Career Coaching is available to both employed and unemployed individuals who are looking for one-on-one career guidance.

Discover what a JVS Career Coach can do for you

Career Assessment & Planning:
  • Clarify what career satisfaction means to you by assessing your values, skills, interests and work environment preferences
  • Research and evaluate the career options that would meet your needs
  • Identify barriers to a career change and develop strategies to overcome them
Work Issues:
  • Develop your communication, negotiation and time management skills
  • Evaluate work transition opportunities and setbacks
  • Develop strategies for adjusting to your new job
Executive Job Search:
  • Develop your strategy for a high-level job search
  • Craft self-marketing materials and messages
  • Learn to negotiate job offers
Re-Careering after 50:
  • Explore the ongoing meaning and role of work in your life beyond retirement


Career Assessments to Help Your Career Development Process

JVS does not currently offer formal assessments (Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, StengthsFinder, etc.) as part of our career coaching process. Instead, we have created a listing of internet-accessible assessments that you might find useful in your career development process. Please be advised that we do not recommend nor endorse any of these, other than to let you know they are freely available.


Mark Guterman, JVS Career Coach

Mark has over 30 years experience in career development. He is the co-founder and principal of Meaningfulcareers.com, which guides people to meaningful work. He is also president of G&G Associates, a firm that teaches people how to thrive in a changing workplace. Mark holds a BA from UCLA and a Masters in Counseling from Sonoma State University. He has spoken at conferences throughout the United States, including the National Career Development Conference.



  • Career Coaching is the only service we offer at a cost, $120 per 55-minute session

Have Questions?

Please email info@jvs.org with questions on Career Coaching.


While the JVS office is closed due to the shelter-in-place directive, all career coaching will take place remotely. Prepayment is required to schedule a session.