3 Ways to Find Community in Your Job Search

Job search can be a lonely, discouraging process. Particularly when you’re lacking results, it’s easy to feel unmotivated and maybe depressed. You may feel like you’re doing all the right things – networking, submitting your resume, attending job fairs – however, you aren’t getting any callbacks. You are not alone!

The job search period goes hand-in-hand with deep reflection. It’s a time to get advice, build new skills and even redefine yourself. Explore our resources.

7 Job Search MythBusters Revealed

Mythbuster #1: I don’t need social media. That’s just for fun – cat videos and kid photos. Get online and show what you know. Update your LinkedIn profile and go further by publishing an article. Follow your target companies on Twitter and learn what’s important to...

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Career-Building/Re-Building from the Entry Level

The job market is booming again, with 257,000 jobs added to the U.S economy in January 2015. And it’s not all millennials getting hired—in fact, unemployment among adults age 45-55 dropped from 5% to 4.1% in January. Studies show that baby boomers now hold an average...

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Is Job-hunting like Dating?

You’ve had the experience of dating in your life, right? Did you enjoy it: the mystery of getting to know a stranger, the thrill of the chase, the risk of rejection, or the challenge of making the right decisions? Dating is fun for some; job-hunting, not so much. It...

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Leveraging Seasonal Work

I might have been smelling too much cologne, but I thought I was seeing double. Macy’s fragrance floor was covered with helpful staff. Then, I remembered. Of course – seasonal employment. During the holiday shopping season, many retail stores ramp up their hiring. In...

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What’s Your Pitch?

Quick – you’re asked to speak for 30 seconds on what you do. The listener is a stranger, and the meeting could lead to a serendipitous outcome – perhaps an important new connection, assignment or chance to learn. Are you ready? Can you clearly and concisely talk about...

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Soaring through the Season (Part 2)

HOLIDAY PARTIES For people looking for work, casual, social gatherings might be a welcome break from the daily grind, or a source of turmoil and fear. It helps to remember that well-meaning family members or friends are not trying to make you anxious by asking about...

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Soaring through the Season (Part 1)

The end of the year can be a difficult time for everyone. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing some insight on how we advise JVS job seekers to navigate the season. STAYING PRODUCTIVE while job searching over the holidays Have a game plan Planning is the key....

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Sometimes we can see the determination of a lifetime in a single moment. This happened to me about six months ago at JVS. I had just moved cross-country and my first contract job involved overseeing and revitalizing JVS’s EXCEL program, a model program beautifully...

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Until everyone is working

Here in San Francisco, we take pride in our collective way of thinking. Is it normal to wear wool in July? Of course. Shop without a reusable bag? Never. Expect the Giants to win on every even calendar year? Yes!! Perched at the edge of the left coast, we take pride...

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Wait for the dream job?

If a permanent job at a living wage is our goal for job seekers, why would JVS encourage clients to take temporary work? I was reminded why when I received an email from a woman JVS helped get a job with the City’s Human Services Agency. Still, it’s been rough for...

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