San Francisco’s Most Inspirational Lunch Hour

The Strictly Business Awards Luncheon celebrates the life-changing power of work. We honor the achievements of our hard-working job seekers who have built in-demand skills and found work through JVS.

Jewish Vocational Service is rooted in core values to repair the world (in Hebrew, “tikkun olam”) — starting with our Bay Area community. We believe that work has the power to transform lives and we’re committed to helping people to help themselves. The links below reflect the many lives we’re transforming, including youth, Jewish college students and adults of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Summer internship for Jewish college students

Learn about our work with San Francisco youth

Rosalind, SFRAW

For Rosalind school had always been a challenge and she felt like an outsider. As a child of immigrants, English was not her first language and she struggled with reading and writing, which led to low confidence. She dreamed of being able to contribute to her family...

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Luisanna, John Muir Health

Luisanna had a difficult childhood – she never knew her father and spent most of her youth dealing with her mentally ill mother. Despite these obstacles, she graduated high school and found a job as an administrative assistant, where she worked for six years. Suddenly...

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John had a successful career in financial services and technology, until a horrific accident nearly killed him. After seven years of recovery, he was medically cleared to go back to work, but his entire industry had changed. John quickly realized that he needed to...

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What We’re Reading

What’s on your fall reading list? Here’s a bit of what we’ve been reading in the world of work: On Age Discrimination We weren’t shocked to read The New York Time’s piece about how job searching gets more difficult with age. Age discrimination is real, and we work...

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Patricia, UCSF

Patricia, a native San Franciscan and mother of three, had a solid job until the recession hit. She witnessed her office shut down piece by piece when operations – and her job – moved overseas. Initially, she was not worried; she was a Navy veteran with over 25 years...

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What your unemployed friend actually needs

Do’s and Don’ts to support your friend who is in transition, between jobs or just plain unemployed A recently unemployed client shared, “Becoming unemployed is emotionally wrought, especially if you’re like me and your whole identity is wrapped up in your career.”...

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#AwesomeAdmins Featured at Dreamforce

As part of the massive Dreamforce conference, Salesforce gathered expert trainers, including JVS, to lead a session about innovative job training programs that are helping people transform their skills to become Salesforce professionals. JVS’s Skills to Work in...

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