The Power Of Connections

Experienced the stories of people persevering and achieving their dreams despite systemic barriers. It feels wonderful to celebrate the potential that is unlocked when partners come together to launch innovative solutions to build a better future of work.

Jewish Vocational Service is rooted in core values to repair the world (in Hebrew, “tikkun olam”) — starting with our Bay Area community. We believe that work has the power to transform lives and we’re committed to helping people to help themselves. The links below reflect the many lives we’re transforming, including youth, Jewish college students and adults of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Summer internship for Jewish college students

Learn about our work with San Francisco youth

John Muir Interns Work to Impress

We always love when JVS interns knock it out of the park! Here’s a letter from Brian F. Ronquillo, Training Coordinator at John Muir Health, recognizing JVS interns for their incredible work over the past four months. Dear JVS Program Graduates, First and foremost, I...

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Seizing Opportunities

“I now understand how to take care of myself in order to help someone else. We’ve learned dedication, commitment, responsibility. We’ve learned how to be on time, conservative, a team player, active, and most of all, we’ve learned that we can do anything when we are...

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The Gift of Gratitude

In and out of workshops, JVS job seekers have learned that an authentic “thank you” is essential to building professional relationships. Expressed in the right way, gratitude can turn into a job opportunity – even in the most unexpected places. This week, 19 JVS job...

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Where are they now?

Employees of the Year – 6 months later Just six months ago, three inspiring individuals received awards in front of over 1,000 Bay Area business and community leaders. Each overcame incredible obstacles with the help of JVS, and we’re so proud of their achievements....

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Genoveva, CVS

Genoveva is a native San Franciscan and the daughter of hard-working Mexican immigrants. Expectations to help raise and take care of her siblings, serve as translator for her parents, and work in the family restaurant were all too high for a 16-year old. Soon enough,...

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Widny, Uniqlo

Widny lived a sheltered life at 16 in New Jersey until a freak accident changed his young life. Struggling with the aftermath, medical issues and depression, Widny was headed towards a dark future. Framed as a one-week vacation, his parents bought him a (secret)...

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John, The Audiffred Building

John is the face of JVS's clients who are over fifty. He was thankful for stability after dedicating many years to the same job. But at 61 - just five years shy of retirement - he was let go. John turned to JVS in a desperate state: he hadn't worked in two years and...

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Alfonso, Postal Chase

Alfonso's life was spiraling downward fast. Poor decisions and the wrong friends landed him, at age 15, in juvenile court. With the respect and guidance he needed, JVS helped him get back on his feet and focused. He prepared for a better future with marketable skills...

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