Ket: A Healthcare Hero's Story

“When I got the job offer from Sutter, it was like hitting the lottery. The team that I work with right now, they’re amazing.” Ket is now a treasured member of the Sutter Health family of healthcare heroes, once again living a life of purpose and dignity.

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No one tells the story of JVS better than our job seekers. From all walks of life, these hard working individuals have overcome significant obstacles to get on a path toward a successful career.

Nursing Grad Goes Techie

Six months ago, Maya Zitrin, 29, was crossing a stage at City College of San Francisco, a graduate of JVS’s Nursing Refresher program. Yesterday, she started a 10-day training in Nashville, TN for her new job at a healthcare start-up, naviHealth. “The JVS program...

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Rosanna, UCSF

“I never thought it would be difficult to find another job. I was relieved to find JVS and others like me. We learned to face our challenges together.” – Rosanna With 20+ years of work experience, Rosanna never expected to be on the brink of homelessness. In 2007 she...

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Never ever, ever lose hope

While the national employment rate is rising, the middle class is shrinking. Despite reports that more Americans are missing car loan payments and department stores likes JCPenney and Macy’s are closing nation-wide, more people seem to be working than before the Great...

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John Muir Interns Work to Impress

We always love when JVS interns knock it out of the park! Here’s a letter from Brian F. Ronquillo, Training Coordinator at John Muir Health, recognizing JVS interns for their incredible work over the past four months. Dear JVS Program Graduates, First and foremost, I...

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Seizing Opportunities

“I now understand how to take care of myself in order to help someone else. We’ve learned dedication, commitment, responsibility. We’ve learned how to be on time, conservative, a team player, active, and most of all, we’ve learned that we can do anything when we are...

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The Gift of Gratitude

In and out of workshops, JVS job seekers have learned that an authentic “thank you” is essential to building professional relationships. Expressed in the right way, gratitude can turn into a job opportunity – even in the most unexpected places. This week, 19 JVS job...

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