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We weren’t shocked to read The New York Time’s piece about how job searching gets more difficult with age. Age discrimination is real, and we work with thousands of job seekers each year to combat it. In fact, of all JVS job seekers who found work last year, 50% were over age 40. Still, we all need to advocate for age diversity in our workplaces. Would your company pass the “shoe test”?

Get up to date on issues that are affecting job seekers, the latest with JVS programs and more.

What We’re Reading

Take a look at what came up on our radar in these first two weeks of 2015: Where Men Aren’t Working Did you know that in San Francisco – 17% of prime aged men (ages 25-54) aren’t working? Nationwide that number averages 16% (more than 3x what it was in 1968), and is...

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#GivingTuesday the JVS Way

On the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s shopping madness, came the now global phenomenon, #GivingTuesday. Last Tuesday, everyone was encouraged to take a break from shopping, and think about the good that giving can do. Early results reveal that this year...

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Birds of a feather do good together

It’s no secret that non-profits are looking for support from the city’s technology companies, but how easy is it to win the support of these new companies – most that are full of promise, but aren’t yet profitable? Most have ambitions to change the world – the way we...

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Until everyone is working

Here in San Francisco, we take pride in our collective way of thinking. Is it normal to wear wool in July? Of course. Shop without a reusable bag? Never. Expect the Giants to win on every even calendar year? Yes!! Perched at the edge of the left coast, we take pride...

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Vote Yes on Proposition C

I was coming up on my second year at JVS – way back in 2000 – when I got a call from Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth. They were looking for young people to talk about the importance of the Children’s Fund to potential supporters and policymakers. What’s the...

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