Is JVS for Me?

Are you searching for work, but not finding the success you’d like? Are you not sure where to even begin? JVS is here for anyone who needs help finding a job.

JVS job seekers come from all walks of life. Our services, with the exception of Career Coaching, are offered at no cost to you. We specialize in helping people who:

  • are looking for work for the first time in months or years
  • have been out of work for more than 6 months
  • have held a series of low-wage jobs and would like to find a career pathway with more stability and opportunities for advancement

We empower job seekers to build a competitive set of skills for their desired job. This includes skills for your job search (e.g., elevator pitch, networking, strategy for today’s job market) and skills for specific jobs (e.g., computer skills, effective communication, customer service). If we don’t have expertise in helping you develop a skill, we’ll connect you to great resources.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Are you interested in training for a specific job in technology, skilled trades or healthcare? Visit our Skills Training overview to apply for a course that suits your background and interests.

Are your skills outside of our target industries? Check out our Job Search Accelerator. It’s the most effective course for people who are ready to jump-start their search in any industry or career.

Want to get just a taste of JVS? Explore a specific job search topic through one of our workshops or review our Welcome Session video to learn more about JVS and what programs we offer.

Our Approach

JVS is a nonprofit with a mission to transform lives by helping people to build skills and find work. We help people to identify challenges in their job search and find ways to overcome them. Our trainings focus on industries where we have connections and training expertise, including healthcare, skilled trades and technology.

In addition to serving adults, we help more than 800 young people each year prepare for work and get experience. Learn more about our work with youth.

With more than 40 years of experience, we know our strengths.

  • Our programs align with the workforce demands of the Bay Area.
  • We know that job seekers are most successful when they can master the job search and job-specific skills they need. Many of our programs include opportunities to get hands-on experience with Bay Area employers.
  • We know that a supportive, positive environment is key to success. For this reason, we hire staff who are compassionate, thoughtful and dedicated to the success of our job seekers. We also take special care to select JVS program participants who are committed to learning and improving their lives.

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for information on JVS, job search and more. Still stumped? Please contact us. We’re ready to help.