St. Anthony's Published: Sunday, June 6, 2021
San Francisco, CA
Job Type


Under the direct supervision of the Buildings and Project Manager, the Custodian Lead is responsible for janitorial duties involving maintaining the cleanliness of assigned areas of LEED Gold and Silver rated buildings at 121 & 150 Golden Gate Avenue, including, exteriors and parking lot.
·    Exterior of facilities: Responsible for daily general cleaning/disinfecting of sidewalks, exterior walls, windows, doors, rollup gates, patios and parking lot. Including gathering bio waste materials from sidewalks and storing at the parking lot storage containers.
·    Interior: Responsible for daily general cleaning of 150 and 121 Golden Gate. It includes dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, moping, steam cleaning, burnishing, refinishing and polishing.
·    Oversees/performs daily cleaning of Dining Room and prep food areas including main kitchen.
·    Responsible for the proper recycling of paper, cans, and bottles. Includes working closely with SAF Staff to ensure that recycling company receives proper materials
·    Ensures that recyclable materials from common areas recycling stations at both 121/150 G.G. facilities are regularly taken to parking lot designated storage containers.
·    Handles blood born pathogenic emergency cleanups at both facilities. This involves washing, mopping, sweeping, disinfecting, picking up hazardous waste materials and proper disposing them.
·   Responsible for keeping MSDS files and binders current and secondary product containers properly labeled.
·    Monitors exterior and interior upkeep of both facilities.
·    Monitors restrooms/break rooms/community rooms for supplies and restocks dispensers as necessary.
·    Maintains custodial/safety/equipment supply inventories and prepares requisition orders forms as necessary.
·    Responsible for maintaining clean and sanitary condition of refrigeration equipment including interior of walk-ins.
·    Helps to setup community rooms for meetings and other events.
·    Works with Buildings and Project Manager in development of procedures and methods related to continually improve quality of services by using new technologies as products and equipment change.
·    Responsible for properly maintaining custodial equipment and safety gear at both facilities by performing periodically inspections and maintenance of both.
·    Reports general facility issues immediately as they come up.
·    Assists during maintenance emergencies as required.
·    Works in coordination with the Buildings & Project Manager with planning and scheduling for Work Unit janitorial needs.
·    Responsible for janitorial emergency duties and other duties as assigned by Buildings & Project Manager.
•     Prior documented 3-years of general custodial experience and supervision.
•     Knowledge of floor refinishing and moderate floor maintenance.
•     Ability to work flexible schedules.
•     Knowledge of hazardous chemical safety procedures.
•     Ability to lift fifty pounds.
•     Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and as a part of a team.
•     Commitment to the St. Anthony's Statement of Values and desire to work for a social service agency serving the poor.

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