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Online Career Exploration

The Career Gateway

Are you looking for a new career? Do you know what it takes to land that next job? Customized for the San Francisco Bay Area, The Career Gateway offers online tools, resources and support to help you find and earn a rewarding career.

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TIP: Before visiting The Career Gateway, make sure to watch the Job Seekers Guide podcast.

Virtual Career Network (VCN)

The Virtual Career Network is a free online tool that helps you prepare and qualify for a well-paying careers in Healthcare and the Green Economy. Explore careers, take online courses, research training programs and find rewarding jobs through the VCN.

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Explore the Virtual Career Network

Online Learning, Lifelong Learning Workshop

Does your target job require a new set of skills? Are you on a quest to build your credibility by earning a certificate or degree?

We live in a time of abundant online education opportunities that offer great benefits but can also be overwhelming. Get the most out of this workshop by knowing your target job goal and the skills you’d like to learn.                                                    

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • discover ways to make your eLearning efforts efficient and productive
  • gain hands-on experience exploring and choosing online education resources
  • identify skills you need for your target job
  • learn how to establish good study habits and overcome procrastination
  • create an action plan for being a self-directed online learner

This workshop is offered once a month at JVS.

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