Nuria's Story

Nuria was a certified Medical Assistant, but tragic life circumstances led to a gap in work experience and ultimately homelessness for her and her young daughter. JVS’s Medical Assistant Refresher program helped her receive updated training, opened the door at Kaiser Permanente with an externship, and now she is working at Kaiser Permanente full-time! Nuria’s story is truly remarkable.

No one tells the story of JVS better than our job seekers and employer partners. At the Strictly Business Awards Luncheon, we honor inspiring individuals and Bay Area companies with awards for “Employee of the Year” and “Business Leadership Award.” Learn about their accomplishments below and see how work transforms lives.

Peter, Dayspring Technologies

"For many tech companies, hiring [older] workers is not on their diversity radar. JVS, in a very polite, but very persistent way, puts older, well-prepared candidates right in front of these companies so that they can't be ignored or dismissed." - Peter, Dayspring...

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Erica, UCSF

"This award means the world to me. I worked really hard for myself, and for my brother and for my sister, to get where I am today. I'm right here, where I want to be - in a career at UCSF." -- Erica, UCSF, 2018 Strictly Business Awards Luncheon Erica is a natural,...

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Rosalind, SFRAW

For Rosalind school had always been a challenge and she felt like an outsider. As a child of immigrants, English was not her first language and she struggled with reading and writing, which led to low confidence. She dreamed of being able to contribute to her family...

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Luisanna, John Muir Health

Luisanna had a difficult childhood – she never knew her father and spent most of her youth dealing with her mentally ill mother. Despite these obstacles, she graduated high school and found a job as an administrative assistant, where she worked for six years. Suddenly...

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John had a successful career in financial services and technology, until a horrific accident nearly killed him. After seven years of recovery, he was medically cleared to go back to work, but his entire industry had changed. John quickly realized that he needed to...

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