Nuria's Story

Nuria was a certified Medical Assistant, but tragic life circumstances led to a gap in work experience and ultimately homelessness for her and her young daughter. JVS’s Medical Assistant Refresher program helped her receive updated training, opened the door at Kaiser Permanente with an externship, and now she is working at Kaiser Permanente full-time! Nuria’s story is truly remarkable.

No one tells the story of JVS better than our job seekers and employer partners. At the Strictly Business Awards Luncheon, we honor inspiring individuals and Bay Area companies with awards for “Employee of the Year” and “Business Leadership Award.” Learn about their accomplishments below and see how work transforms lives.

John Muir Health, Training Partner

John Muir Health is an example of a training program JVS designed in response to the company's need for administrative positions. The participants graduated the program as qualified candidates and were also steeped in the John Muir Health mission and commitment to...

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Patricia, UCSF

Patricia, a native San Franciscan and mother of three, had a solid job until the recession hit. She witnessed her office shut down piece by piece when operations – and her job – moved overseas. Initially, she was not worried; she was a Navy veteran with over 25 years...

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Rosanna, UCSF

“I never thought it would be difficult to find another job. I was relieved to find JVS and others like me. We learned to face our challenges together.” – Rosanna With 20+ years of work experience, Rosanna never expected to be on the brink of homelessness. In 2007 she...

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Genoveva, CVS

Genoveva is a native San Franciscan and the daughter of hard-working Mexican immigrants. Expectations to help raise and take care of her siblings, serve as translator for her parents, and work in the family restaurant were all too high for a 16-year old. Soon enough,...

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