Nuria's Story

Nuria was a certified Medical Assistant, but tragic life circumstances led to a gap in work experience and ultimately homelessness for her and her young daughter. JVS’s Medical Assistant Refresher program helped her receive updated training, opened the door at Kaiser Permanente with an externship, and now she is working at Kaiser Permanente full-time! Nuria’s story is truly remarkable.

No one tells the story of JVS better than our job seekers and employer partners. At the Strictly Business Awards Luncheon, we honor inspiring individuals and Bay Area companies with awards for “Employee of the Year” and “Business Leadership Award.” Learn about their accomplishments below and see how work transforms lives.

Widny, Uniqlo

Widny lived a sheltered life at 16 in New Jersey until a freak accident changed his young life. Struggling with the aftermath, medical issues and depression, Widny was headed towards a dark future. Framed as a one-week vacation, his parents bought him a (secret)...

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John, The Audiffred Building

John is the face of JVS's clients who are over fifty. He was thankful for stability after dedicating many years to the same job. But at 61 - just five years shy of retirement - he was let go. John turned to JVS in a desperate state: he hadn't worked in two years and...

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Alfonso, Postal Chase

Alfonso's life was spiraling downward fast. Poor decisions and the wrong friends landed him, at age 15, in juvenile court. With the respect and guidance he needed, JVS helped him get back on his feet and focused. He prepared for a better future with marketable skills...

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