In-Home Supportive Services Consortium, Training Partner

In Home Support Services Consortium (IHSS) is a non-profit organization that provides quality homecare services to seniors and people with disabilities, enabling them to live independently and safely in their homes and communities.

IHSS relies on JVS to hire well-trained homecare professionals — hiring up to 50% of JVS’s caregiver training program graduates each year. These clients come to JVS with few skills and limited education. They are often long-term unemployed, hoping to make a start in the growing healthcare industry. JVS’s pool of immigrants and non-native speakers is attractive to IHSS as it seeks culturally sensitive employees. IHSS is deeply invested in the professional growth of their employees, providing them with individualized development plans, access to resources, and opportunities for continuing education. IHSS also contributes to the development of JVS programs through leadership on JVS’s Healthcare Advisory Board. IHSS is one of the very few homecare employers that provides full-time work with medical and dental benefits for their employees.

San Francisco General Hospital, Training Partner

San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) is the sole provider of trauma and psychiatric emergency services for San Francisco. In addition to over 110 JVS client hires ranging from medical evaluation assistants to registered nurses, SFGH informs JVS curriculum and hosts clinical rotations for JVS nursing clients. In 2012, SFGH turned to JVS to strengthen the skills of 200 employees who collectively received over 4,500 hours of instruction. This mutually beneficial partnership demonstrates how any company can build a diverse and qualified workforce and create job opportunities for our community.