Anna, Sutter Health Medical Foundation

Anna was addicted to cocaine by age 23. For the next 20 years, Anna lived on the streets — in and out of drug rehab centers, estranged from her family and children and without credible work. It wasn’t the drugs, but an unexpected disease that landed her in a hospital. Suddenly sobered, sick and alone, Anna decided to fight back. Anna’s journey began in 2008 — the worst year possible for finding work. But with the support of her family, a Medical Assisting degree from City College, and unwavering support from JVS, she got a second chance at life. As a full-time Medical Assistant at Sutter Health Medical Foundation, Anna is healing the world every day and is grateful for her roles as mother, grandmother and sister.

John, The Audiffred Building

John is the face of JVS’s clients who are over fifty. He was thankful for stability after dedicating many years to the same job. But at 61 – just five years shy of retirement – he was let go. John turned to JVS in a desperate state: he hadn’t worked in two years and struggled with a lifelong speech impediment. His counselor, Michael, understood these challenges and lit his path. John joined JVS’s 50+ Strategy Group and frequented classes where he learned about resumes, cover letters, elevator pitches and more. Today, John has been working for almost two years as property manager and security for The Audiffred Building. He is forever grateful to Michael, who convinced John’s current employer to give him a chance.