#AwesomeAdmins Featured at Dreamforce

As part of the massive Dreamforce conference, Salesforce gathered expert trainers, including JVS, to lead a session about innovative job training programs that are helping people transform their skills to become Salesforce professionals.

JVS’s Skills to Work in Technology program for Salesforce Administrators is not only transforming our JVS clients into #AwesomeAdmins. The program, and many others, are leading the way for more diverse communities to join the Salesforce workforce, and are also opening doors for people who were not finding work, despite extensive professional backgrounds.

Stephanie Bachar, JVS’s Technology Training Program Coordinator, and Rajat Dutta, a participant in our Salesforce Administration program, spoke about the incredible confidence of the participants, which was so clear at Dreamforce.

One of our participants wrote to us after the conference echoing what we already saw to be true:

“I am truly appreciative to JVS and its partners and supporters for establishing this top-notch program. I am now a Certified Salesforce Administrator and a Certified Salesforce Developer. After attending the Dreamforce conference last week, I now know the value of my certifications and how much further ahead of my peers I am because of the integrated nature of this training program that combined business analysis, career development and Salesforce training.”
– 2015 Salesforce Participant

To be able to say that they are part of the professional Salesforce community has invigorated the participants’ career ambitions. One of the greatest successes of the program has been the 90% pass rate of the Administrator certification exam. Some participants have even passed the more advanced Developer certification. Participants in JVS’s program are passing at a higher rate than other first-time test takers. The level of excitement is quite high.

As the Salesforce community has become more aware of the program, many have enthusiastically reached out about the work we’re doing. Right now, qualified Administrators and Developers are in high demand, so many are hoping programs like ours could prove to be a reliable pipeline for their staffing needs.

Do you know someone who may be a good fit for our Salesforce Administrator training program? Send them to our website for more information.

Are you interested in finding qualified Salesforce professionals for internships or jobs? Find out more here: www.jvs.org/sfa-employers