JVS is at the center of an ecosystem of connections that brings access and opportunities to over 2,600 job seekers.

We believe that large scale crises require new solutions, and that poverty and homelessness are not inevitable. To make the world we want to live in will require new ways of thinking, new partnerships, and new coalitions of leaders to educate, inspire, and instigate action and innovation.

Featured JVS Leaders in the Community

California Workforce Development System Worker Equity

Lisa Countryman-Quiroz, JVS Chief Executive Officer, is an appointee of the California Workforce Development System Worker Equity Initiative. This committee will work to increase worker inclusion, equity, and positive outcomes within the public workforce system. This is an important opportunity for JVS to inform changes to the public workforce system that will lead to better employment and earnings outcomes for our high-priority populations.

National Skills Coalition Economic Recovery Task Force

Elizabeth Toups, JVS Director of Utilities and Skilled Trades, sits on the National Skills Coalition (NSC) Economic Recovery Task Force on Skills for an Inclusive Economic Recovery, which would help prioritize federal investments in education and training as part of stimulus and recovery efforts to ensure that all US workers have the skills and credentials to gain family-supporting employment while supporting US business growth.



UCSF Anchor Institution

Kelcie Wong, JVS Director of Healthcare Services, is a UCSF Anchor Institution committee member. This initiative focuses on improving health outcomes requires removing obstacles to good health, including the impediments of poverty and discrimination, which are associated with reduced access to jobs with fair pay, education, housing, safe environments, and health care.

The Voices Behind Statistics

Each quarter JVS surveys 3,000+ job seekers to better understand the COVID-19 impact on individuals and their families.


Uncover Findings Below:

Thought Leadership Virtual Events

Bringing industry leaders together to discuss innovative models to prosperity

Growing Inequalities of Income, Wealth, and Race

The JVS Board of Directors invites Economist Robert Reich, to discuss the dangers of the inequitable and unequal system in which we live, the obligation our corporate leaders have to help turn the tide, and the opportunity available to them if they do.

Adapting to the Future of Care Delivery

Industry leaders will discuss the accelerated evolution of care delivery in response to COVID-19, the role of tech in the future of healthcare, and the implications for access to care for our community.

Solutions for Job Seeker & Small Business Needs Now

 To support an equitable recovery for small businesses and job seekers, this crisis calls for bold ideas that unlock the potential of re-skilled job seekers through connecting them to small businesses. 

Philanthropic Solutions During COVID-19

Organizations like JVS are responding by innovating like never before and building partnerships and coalitions to respond to exponentially increased needs. 

Road to Recovery

For over 45 years and through five recessions, JVS has adapted to a changing economy and will continue to support job seekers and employers during this public health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

Now is the time to shift momentum to strategically train our job seekers for the future of work. We are in a unique moment. Deep changes are already underway and we must make commitments to ourselves, our organizations and our communities to do everything we can to change the terms of an equation that never worked for everyone.

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