Working with Youth

We help San Francisco’s young people build the skills they need to succeed in school and work.
Our Programs

Career Paths for Youth

JVS believes that youth can succeed with the right mix of education and employment. We have a 20+ year history of collaborating with many other organizations across the city to help youth graduate high school, get work experience and build skills to succeed as adults.


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Learn more about how young people are transforming their lives through JVS.


Through job readiness training and paid internships with Bay Area businesses, youth explore their career options and build skills to succeed in the workplace

School Partnership

We collaborate with San Francisco schools on programs that integrate in-class learning with real world experience

Transition Pathways

Young people, ages 18-24, find their next steps after high school through career training and connections to employers

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Young people have gained work experience and skills through our programs


Bay Area businesses annually turn to JVS for work-ready young people to fill routine roles


Earnings of young people through last summer’s programs

“The youth come well prepared with basic skills for working in an office. JVS staff is professional, responsive and supports them all the way. They learn so many skills they will use forever. As a result, youth are more confident, motivated and are more able to tackle life’s problems and improve their community.”

—Juliette Bleecker, Executive Director, San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association

A few of our partners

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JVS leverages the strength of public institutions, nonprofits and businesses to help young people succeed. Do you share our vision? Get in touch with us to explore a partnership with JVS.

Bay Area Businesses: Hire Our Youth

JVS can subsidize the wages of the youth you hire and train. We coach them through their work experience and offer you support along the way.